Dr. Loren and Melynda Gilberg share an office together in Stillwater, MN. They both focus on family, wholistic, and individualized care using techniques with outstanding clinical results. Both are passionate about nutrition, lifestyle, and whole system care, with a focus on child development, pre and post birth care, and systemic recovery.

Dr. Loren Gilberg went to school at Palmer College of Chiropractic where he graduated graduated magna cum laude, and pursued additional studies in Atlas Orthogonal (AO), the Activator Method, and Functional Medicine. These techniques have shown outstanding clinical results and allowed for more broad spectrum healing.

Dr. Loren Gilberg grew up in Stillwater, and he is excited to offer the Atlas Orthogonal Technique (AO) in Stillwater!

Dr. Loren is fascinated with his work and the new research evolving around functional healing.  When he isn’t busy geeking out about health and wellbeing at the office, he loves being in this area of MN while exploring the outside, biking, snowboarding, making pottery, and enjoying time with his children. He has been thrilled to work with so many people, and is excited to be a part of the Stillwater community again.

Melynda Gilberg offers a number of modalities to work with a person’s individualistic needs: Craniosacral TherapyMyofascial Release, Dynamic Body Balancing, and Certified Yoga Instruction.

Melynda Gilberg offers Craniosacral Therapy (CST) that integrates Myofascial unwinding and yoga instruction in her practice.  Melynda Gilberg loves working in this field and never wants to stop learning. She especially enjoys working with babies and children, because children are wonderful and working with them is so rewarding.  Melynda loves being with her family, gardening, and being in nature. Melynda is so happy to be able to connect with, educate, and treat the many people she has the pleasure to work with.

They both believe that family care is very important, and early childhood care is extremely valuable. Dr. Loren offers free adjustments to children under 3 when other family members are being seen, and Melynda will use the same visit to treat as many of the children of the same family as possible. 

In home care is also offered (for some services) to new mothers, children with social or environmental sensitivities, or in other cases where in home care could be more beneficial. Peak Atlas Chiropractic is a unique center that offers a number of techniques to help us regulate and balance ourselves into a state of optimal health. Learn more about the techniques we have to offer!